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To school or not to school? With so much up in the air, every parent we know is going back and forth trying to decide what to do this school year. Whether you decided to send your kids back, try online classes, or find your own homeschool curriculum - Our Great Artists! course was created with your family in mind!
Through 6 weeks of daily videos, art and crafts tutorials, and other hands-on learning, your child will finish the course with important knowledge about artists from diverse backgrounds, cultures, time periods, and art styles.
Whether your child is 6 or 13, they will also learn basic principles of art that they can use in their own work - both in what they create during the course and in the future as they find their unique style.⁠
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What does the course include?

  • Daily lessons

    Interactive lessons your child can go through at their own pace and access at any time! Each lesson includes different learning methods, perfect for every kind of learner!

  • Crafts

    It wouldn't be a course from The House That Lars Built without plenty of crafts! Materials lists and tutorials included in the course were created to take learning beyond the screen! Because when you make with your hands, you make new discoveries.

  • Videos

    Intro videos for each artist, and simple to understand craft tutorial videos so you can be hands-off while your kids are hands-on learning.

  • Printables

    The amazing printables included in this course are one of our favorite parts! Coloring pages, paper dolls, and other exclusive printables make it next level.

  • Journal Prompts

    Daily warm up projects and journal prompts inspire the learner to apply what they are learning to their own art, as they cultivate their own unique style throughout the course.

  • Fun!

    Learning and creating is fun! This is not your average online course, it is packed full of colorful activities for engaging learning and well-designed projects. Trust us, your kids will be begging to do their Great Artists! course (and you might too!)

Available for just $99

Our Great Artists! Course is live now!


  • Which artists does the course cover?

    Great Artists! Starting with Frida Kahlo, each week access to a new artist will open! Frida will be followed by Monet, Rembrandt, Alma Thomas, Michelangelo, and Andy Warhol.

  • What does the course include?

    6 Interactive lessons your child can go through at their own pace and access at any time! Each lesson includes different learning methods, perfect for every kind of learner. Each lesson consists of short written learning sections, video tutorials, photo tutorials, craft and art projects, worksheets, all topped with certificates of completion!

  • What ages is this course for?

    This course is intended for ages 6-13, but caregivers should use their best judgment for each individual child’s specific needs. The content of the course is meant to be read so reading age is most appropriate for individual learning, otherwise, the child will need assistance. And honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if the parents got in on the action!

  • What are the learning objectives for this course?

    The objective of this course is three fold: 1) instill a love of art and history through relatable hands-on projects 2) encourage personal interpretation to expand a creative mind and 3) learn to initiate creative play

  • How much time does the course take to complete?

    There are 6 chapters within the Great Artists course, each one 1 week long for a total of 6 weeks. Each chapter includes 5 lessons for each weekday. The individual projects will depend on the time and speed of each child.

  • Do I teach my child the content or is there remote instruction?

    You can certainly work alongside your child to assist in the projects. However, this course was created to take something off your plate instead of add to it. You can log your children into the course and they will have hours of self-guided learning and fun! Early readers may need assistance to read the text.

  • What does the course cost cover?

    Full curriculum (biography and home town, early life and intro to art, the relevant art movement, a notable piece, preferred medium and art style), video content, project tutorials, and printable resources for use in a single household. If you are interested in extended use in a classroom, school, or multiple households at a discount, please email us at! Please note that this course, which includes downloadable files (templates & printables) is non-refundable and non-returnable.

  • Do you offer scholarships?

    Yes! Please email us at if you or someone you know would love to take the class but is not in a position to do so.

  • Who made the course?

    This course was written by the team at The House That Lars Built under the direction of Brittany Jepsen. Brittany has an MA in Interior Design and a BA in Art History and has built an award winning craft and design site called the House That Lars Built since 2008. This class is the culmination of her interests and passions. She fell in love with art as a girl at home, and it came to life through a wonderful program at her elementary school where she learned about the great artists and art movements.